Practical information

– How to register ?
All you have to do is complete the online form, then, after choosing your training dates on our calendar, download the documents to send to us at the following address:
Permis Bateau Etel  30 ter rue de la libération 56410 Etel
The file is made up of the training contract, a medical certificate, the registration request, fiscal stamps, 2 identity photos, regulations, as well as a stamped envelope.
– How the training takes place ?
Theoretical courses take place at the Pôle Nautique de la Ria d’Etel. Their duration is 8 hours in a day or fragmented according to the chosen formula. A group is made up of 4 to 10 people for optimal learning and to promote discussion.

All the topics of the license will be discussed, and mock tests will validate the knowledge.

The practical part takes place over half a day in a small group, departing from the port of Etel. At the end of this half day, the trainer validates (or not) the practical part.

All you have to do is go to the Maritime Affairs examination center (Auray, Vannes or Lorient) to take the theoretical exam: a series of 30 questions in the form of multiple choice questions, lasting about 15 minutes.


– What are the deadlines for taking the exam ?

There may be significant delays in taking the exam, due to the limited number of places available. We advise you to anticipate your registration to be sure to take advantage of your license when you choose.


– How can I activate online courses on the internet ?

We offer the option of training at home with online tests available on the internet. If you take this option, you will receive access codes by email as well as the procedure to follow. Let us know your wish as soon as you register.


– I sent my registration form, what should I do ?

Take care to send us a complete registration file, otherwise we will not be able to validate your registration. Upon receipt of your complete file, we will send you a receipt by email, then you will receive a convocation 7 days before the start of the training, with a detailed plan to find our premises.