The Norwegian brand Pioner was created in 1959 near Oslo. It is thanks to their classic design, proven functionality and characteristic claw shells that Pioners are so popular today. More than 30,000 boats have been sold to date.

Pioner boats can withstand the toughest uses, are easy to use and last for many years. They meet the needs of both professionals and individuals. The Pioner range now includes 13 different models from 2.40 m to 5.20 m.

Pioner is uncompromising on two essential aspects: safety and quality, ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14001 certified

Made of rotomoulded polyethylene, a very solid material treated against UV rays and 100% recyclable, each boat is created in one piece and can withstand all kinds of tests such as blows, sun, polar or tropical temperatures.