The exceptional hulls of the HUMBER (GB) semi-rigid boats have proven their worth in the turbulent waters of the North Sea, and are now associated with very specific uses. Many international organizations (or administrations) such as the English Navy, Antarctic studies, customs of many countries, fisheries surveillance patrols use different models of HUMBER on a daily basis.

The manufacturing quality of HUMBER is indisputable. The hulls are robust and resistant to any test.

Each HUMBER hull is built according to the LLOYDS standards, considered among the most demanding.
The hypalon floats (thickness and color to choose from) are guaranteed for 5 years.
Each boat is built and assembled as specified by the customer, reinforcements and/or double or triple skin can be added at the request. The layout and colours are at the user's discretion.

The rear panels can withstand loads well above European standards: for example, a rear panel of a 750 Ocean Pro model is approved for 600 kg load, which allows the installation of powerful dual engines.

Humbers are non-standard semi-rigid vehicles designed for demanding and/or professional users for whom passage in difficult seas is essential.