Etelium – Services

In addition to design and construction,

Etelium offers a wide range of complementary services worldwide.


Technical Assistance :

Etelium takes care of the delivery of spare parts.
We can also send its technicians for occasional technical assistance missions.
Etelium also provides complete maintenance services under an MCO contract.

Assistance : Follow this link

Crew training:

Etelium offers different types of training in maintenance and operation of the installations, during construction, during site tests and after delivery to the operating sites.
Operational training support can also be provided. Etelium offers operational training modules to support the supply of its vessels. These courses are provided either by qualified company specialists or by operational staff qualified in the use of work or maritime surveillance vessels. Courses are held either on our premises, or in Lorient (France), or directly at our clients’ premises.

I) Maintenance

Ship maintenance: detailed review of the maintenance plan – procedures – practical exercises – operation of on-board equipment

Repair – leak detection – welding training – practical repair exercises

Diagnosis of engine failures – general knowledge of the functioning of the propulsion systems supplied

Marine electricity: basic knowledge of the electrical principles applied to the equipment supplied – knowledge of assembly diagrams – troubleshooting

II) Piloting and Navigation

Learning to control evolving ships, docking, body-picking, avoidance and anchoring manoeuvres. The use of GPS and VHF.

Piloting in degraded mode (partial damage, heavy seas and strong winds, at night)

High speed piloting in rough seas.

III) Safety and security

On-board safety rules, behaviour, crew management, crisis management.

IV) Intervention and Communication

Training adapted to demand:      surveillance missions, sea assault, day and night intervention missions, communication management. Other specialized operational training for combat units.