Pioner Multi


Model: Pioner Multi
Length: 5.05 m
Width: 2.03 m
Category: C
Weight: 420 kg
Number of people: 8
Max Cv: 80
Available colours: Orange, grey, red.


3 storage compartments, battery compartment, stainless steel winch for the ramp, drain plug


Double console, windscreen, stainless steel balconies, targa mast with lantern, backrest, storage lockers, bench, handrail, lamp.

Pioner Multi: an amazing utility boat! Great interior capacity, marine qualities, stability, speed… an amazing boat that is according to needs, a work boat with high load capacity, a utility boat for firefighters, police, lifeguards or a recreational boat that will allow you to practice water skiing, diving, etc.. Fast, stable, safe, comfortable and solid

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