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Today, the Chantier de Bretagne Sud offers you many quality services: the rental of a pitch in the dry port with the exit and launch of your boat.

It is also the wintering and maintenance of your engine and boat with or without guarding and also the preparation for the season (fairing…).

A team of motivated professionals will be at your disposal to best meet your needs.

For the prices of our services, please contact us by email, by phone, or directly at the Chantier de Bretagne Sud.

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A Shipyard

Etelium is a shipyard created by the association of Sillinger, a nautical shipyard created in 1962 specialising in the manufacture of inflatable boats and structures, and the Chantier Bretagne Sud, a shipyard created in 1951 and recognised in the manufacture of utility ships.

Since 2012, several ships have been designed and built on the yard. Our teams are committed to customer satisfaction.

An Eco-Renewable Site

Etelium has an ecological fairing and sandblasting area. The detergents are filtered to release pure, drinkable water.

A Wide Range of Products

The yard offers a range of patrol boats from 9 to 20 metres for surveillance and security missions, work and transport vessels, as well as any marine structure.

A Development of Renewable Energies

Etelium is also active in the marine renewable energy (MRE) sector and in the study of the development of specific projects.

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Yannick BIAN

Yannick BIAN

CEO - Chantier Bretagne Sud Group

Yannick Bian Etelium

Yannick Bian, former naval architect at the DCNS Lorient shipyard, took over the company KENKIZ Marine and the South Brittany shipyard in Belz located in Morbihan at the end of 2012.

After a dozen years of experience in civil and military shipbuilding, particularly at DCNS, Yannick Bian now puts his know-how at the service of Chantier Bretagne Sud Group.

“In particular, I was the naval architect of the offshore patrol vessel Gowind L’Adroit, a very innovative programme that required the implementation of new working methods to achieve very ambitious competitiveness objectives”, says Yannick Bian.

Yannick Bian, who has also taken over the management of Kenkiz Marine, a company specialising in water sports, aims to develop ETELIUM’s business thanks to his extensive know-how in the field of marine and underwater projects. He brings together around him a passionate and highly talented team, entirely focused on listening to and satisfying his customers.

Yannick Bian DCNS

History of the site
Location map on the coast of South Brittany
Barycentre of interest located at the crossroads; Lorient, Groix, Belle-isle and Vannes
Set back on the ria d’Etel CBS benefits from a haven of natural protection

CBS was born from the coastal maritime activity of Sardine and Tuna fishing In 1728, the port of Saint-Cado located just upstream of the Lorois bridge had 22 open boats;

here extracted from the Napoleonic cadastre of 1845

At the end of the 19th century, more than 100 boats intended for sardine fishing occupied the ria.

At that time fishing activity took off considerably thanks to the invention of the sextant and the loch trainard which upset the situation since from an exclusively coastal sight fishing to a “more offshore” fishing called “offshore” with mastery of navigation.

The open boats evolved towards the concept of deck boats to live and sleep on board during several days.

Fishing yields have impacted the volume of the holds, the boat has given way to the larger pinnace, the industrial revolution has done the rest, transfer from sail to steam and diesel, then from wood to steel……

History of the project: the beginnings in Mané Bras

In the 20th century, the construction technique of wooden fishing boats dominated in Les Sables d’Olonne.
In the context of the post-war economic recovery, the banks of the ria saw the arrival of 2 sand dunes, Herbert and Héraud, they bought a 650 m² plot of land in Mané Bras and had a slipway dug with dynamite in the rock built there.
A workshop hangar with offices, tracing room and an oven called the “bouzine” The Herbert and Héraud shipyard launched its first “La souriante” pinasse in 1948.


History of the construction site

in Mané Bras

from 1948 to 1979, 193 boats left the yard

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In 1977 the company had 46 employees.

In 1979, the sons Héraud Paul and Yvon took over the business under the name of Chantiers Bretagne Sud with the famous logo,

signed by the shipyard at the bow of the boats.


1980 restructuring of the site; change from wood to steel change of methods, new workshop.

From 1980 to 1991 construction of 15 to 25 m steel oyster barges and trawlers with a power ranging from 80 to 300 kw.

  • Trawlers
  • Barges


In 1991, Europe demanded a considerable reduction in fishing effort. It will be called the Méllick plan, which de facto marks the end of construction activity at the Chantier Bretagne Sud.

The construction work will stop at the end of the 1990s.

Kenkiz Marine


Chantier Bretagne Sud