Carolina Skiff

The Carolina Skiffs were created in the early 1980s to meet the needs and demands of professional and sports fishing guides on the East Coast of the United States.

Today, Carolina Skiff has a worldwide reputation and remains the original Skiff sometimes copied but never equalled. The most demanding professionals such as fire brigades and civil security, renowned fishing guides, charter organisations or many companies working on the water have chosen them for their particular characteristics (solidity, unsinkability, shallow draught, customisable, high load capacity). Indeed, as boats very well suited to shallow waters, protected bays and estuaries, the Carolina Skiffs are very useful in fields as varied as coastal strip monitoring, rescuing people during floods, assisting sailing schools, port services, transporting equipment, etc.
Passionate fishermen who want to enjoy a multi-purpose boat, robust, customizable and easy to maintain are also among Carolina Skiff’s key users.

The Carolina Skiff’s hull is built with 100% composite materials, including the transom. Several original patents, including the box beam system, have been filed for their construction.